15 April 2021

Alex Boyer in the CBC (and Big Trick Energy on Ellen)

ICYMI, Alex, Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, and Wes Barker will be appearing on Ellen later today! (April 15th).  Read our interview with the Big Trick Energy cast.


From the April 7th article "De Gatineau à la télé américaine : le rêve éveillé du magicien Alex Boyer" by Catherine Morasse at the CBC as translated by Google:

When Alex Boyer speaks, one word keeps coming up: intense . Like those days that are perfectly settled, and like the illusions and stunts of Big Trick Energy .

"We always had ambulances on the set, because we were still doing pretty intense stunts . Sometimes we put our lives on the line, and sometimes it was just funny. But it was a lot, a lot of energy, a lot of work, a lot of creation. And we had the best team in the world: I couldn't have asked for better than that," recognizes the one who grew up and still lives in the Aylmer area.

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