15 April 2021

Wes Barker in the Cloverdale Reporter

From the April 15th article "VIDEO: On ‘Ellen,’ former City of Surrey employee works magic with new ‘Big Trick Energy’ gang -- A decade ago, Wes Barker quit his job with the city to do magic professionally" by Tom Zillich in the Cloverdale Reporter:

Barker honed his magic skills while working for the city in his early 20s, between time spent studying business administration at university.

“I did lots of jobs for them – water meters, watermains, weedeating on the roads and drainage,” he said during an interview in 2014. “You take your lunch breaks in your truck, because there’s nowhere to go and everyone just packs a lunch, and you have your half-hour lunch and two 10-minute coffees. So there’s 50 minutes a day where you’re just sitting in your truck with nothing to do, so I just brought books with me, on magic, and on my breaks I’d practise magic tricks. Every partner I had thought it was hilarious that I had this library of books in the truck, and during every break I’d pull out cards, coins and whatnot. Kind of weird.”

Read more and watch video.

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