02 April 2021

You're invited to a CAM JAM with Chip Romero

Updated April 19th to add:


Wednesday, April 14 at 8 PM EST

This is a magicians-only event and it's free to attend.  Membership is not required. 


From The Canadian Association of Magicians:

Recently, we caught rumour of a magician with some rare and exciting items.  

A collection of historical magic props, illusions and memorabilia that was out of this world. Including some treasured Canadian history from the likes of Doug Henning and Dai Vernon!

So, we offered this magician some maple syrup and Tim Hortons to convince him to share a peek at the rarest items in his collection!

We're happy to say Chip Romero agreed!  

Chip is a professional magician and collector who has offered to share CAM JAM attendees with a unique glimpse into magic's cherished history. Here's an opportunity to look behind the curtain in one of the largest collections of Doug Henning props, illusions and most treasured memorabilia.   

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