01 April 2021

See you on the other side!

"My friend in Leicestershire offered me use of a flat he has.  It's sitting empty for at least the next 6 months,"  I said sarcastically to KOP.

KOP replied, "You could benefit from a change of scenery.  We can manage without you here for a bit."

I blinked in disbelief.

A trip on my own?  Time to myself? 

Everyone here can get by fine without my constant hovering.  Kidlet has outgrown the moniker. 

But how would I pay for it all?  Sure the rent is covered, but there's food and airfare...


You may remember me raving about a complimentary set of Changing Cards I received last year.  Recently I placed an order for more of Richard Young's beautifully handcrafted miracles.

During our correspondence about my order, Richard mentioned that his business is doing really well. He is so busy making his Changing Cards and his new Torn and Restored Cards, that he barely has time to keep up with the business administration side of it all!


*knock knock knock*

Um.  Hello?

Hi!  It's Opportunity knocking.



Just like that, after a little back and forth, I've landed a part-time gig in England doing back office work for Changing Cards.  (It comes with the ominous title of "Head of Glue.")

In my downtime I hope to explore the member benefits of The Magic Circle.  (You may have heard me spontaneously gush about this organization in a recent podcast.)

During the transition, there may be a slow down in publishing here.  (There will be lots of time to create and publish during the enforced 10 day quarantine on arrival!)  I plan to continue my coverage of the Canadian magic scene while abroad.

I'm really looking forward to the change of pace, working with Richard, the chance to finally watch BBC's "Staged," and the strong possibility of me receiving my vaccinations ahead of whenever I'd be scheduled to receive them here!

See you on the other side ...













... of April 1st!

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