17 April 2021

Connie Boyd interviews Renée-Claude Auclair

From the April 15th video at the Magical Women with Connie Boyd YouTube channel

Renée-Claude Auclair is the Canadian Association of Magic (CAM) current President, she is also the current President of the Quebec 2022 FISM World Championships and the Co-Organiser of FISM which will be held in Canada July 25-30, 2022.   This will be the FIRST time, ever, that FISM (Federation International Society of Magicians) also known as "the World Championships of Magic" will be held in North America.

In this talk Renée reveals her story and the strategy to win the bid for FISM and how her determination and the work-ethic she developed as a Canadian world-class diving team member served her well in the quest to secure the prestigious event in Canada.  We hope you will enjoy Renée's talk as much as we did. Be sure to subscribe & to hit the notifications bell so you will know when Renée's second talk is uploaded.

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