28 December 2010

Sorcerers' Safari 2011 Magic Sumer Camp: dates confirmed

According to SorcerersSafari.ca this summer's camp dates are Tuesday August 30th, 2011 through Sunday September 4th, 2011.

What is Sorcerers' Safari?  From their website:
From ages 8 to 20. Disappear for a week and immerse yourself in the rich art of magic, make friends and life-long memories, all while enjoying the great outdoors. Try your hand at palming cards, master the art of illusion, learn to juggle, and perfect your stage presence. Plus daily swimming, canoeing, bon-fires, and so much more await you at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp.
Read last year's daily schedule to find out what goes on at Magic Camp.  Browse the myriad of electives offered.  Stay tuned to their blog to learn who will be the special guest in 2011. 
Previous years' special guests:  (1997) Johnny Ace Palmer, (1998) Jay Sankey and David Acer, (1999) Josh Jay, (2000) Dan Harlan and Steve Kline, (2001) Lee Asher, (2002) Oscar Munoz, (2003) Aaron Fisher and Nathan Kranzo, (2004) Oscar Munoz, (2005) Gregory Wilson, (2006) Joe Givans and Eric Buss, (2007) Wayne Houchin, (2008) Michael Ammar, (2009) Daniel Garcia and (2010) Dan and Dave Buck.
Visit SorcerersSafari.ca to register for the summer session 2011 or to read more about magic camp.

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