07 October 2014

How do you deal with failure?

In his post "Magic Gone Wrong," Lee Asher makes shares some valuable insights on failure.

Leave a comment below to share what you have learned from a time when things didn't go according to plan.

From Lee Asher's Playground:
Have you ever performed magic for a group of people, only to realize the routine isn't going to end as expected? Do you remember the feeling you got when it happened? Terrible! Most magicians can relate, because if you've ever presented magic before, you've probably been in that kind of situation. Maybe even more than once?

As a beginner, for me, it happened a lot. Nonetheless, those initial experiences shaped me into the performer I am today. With time and practice though, I learned to limit my amount of failure.
Currently as a professional, it rarely happens. Though, when stuff goes awry these days, it makes a meaningful, albeit painful, impact on me.

MAGIC GONE WRONG Recently, I was asked to perform at the Atlanta Harvest Magic Convention. It's a wonderful get-together filled with warm & compassionate folk. In one of the rooms, for the formal close-up show with over hundred pairs of eyes watching, I failed miserably with a set I'd been performing for a while.

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