10 February 2015

Thirty seconds with Alex Seaman

This is the fourth in a series of "Thirty seconds with ..." interviews, so called because I approached the interviewees at Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Arts Camp last summer with the idea that I would interview them for 30 seconds. It didn't always work that way.

Alex Seaman is a university student and professional magician from Vancouver, BC. Alex's magic mentor, Shawn Farquhar, first tipped Alex to Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Arts Camp many years ago.  Alex considers magic camp to be the "best week of the year" and can't wait to come back.  He says Sorcerers Safari is all about "sharing magic and experience."  Alex has been a camp counsellor for four years.

Alex takes Superman over Batman any day.

This past summer, Alex was nominated to the Executive Board of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and hopes to help nourish the growing strength in the community of magicians.
Alex's first memory of magic is seeing a magician at a birthday party when he was five years old. Alex received a magic kit as a gift and the rest, as they say, is history.  Alex hopes that the younger generation in magic will develop a strong sense of ethics in magical performance and display a greater willingness to credit the sources / resources upon which they draw.  He advises aspiring magicians to learn about the importance of performance over method, to cite sources, and to connect with their audiences.

Alex has empowered new students through the art of magic in his after-school programs and lessons across the school district. Leading by example, at only 19 years old Alex became the President of the Vancouver Magic Circle (I.B.M. Ring #92), making him the youngest Ring President in the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

When not engrossed in magical activity or his university studies, Alex spends his free time as a Scout Leader.

Visit Alex's website at:  GottaBeMagic.com .

Here's a picture of Alex doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at camp from Carey Lauder's Facebook page:


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