09 March 2016

Toronto: Best Magician Contest 2016

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
"Best Magician Contest 2016"

Hello all Magic Lovers, the BEST MAGICIAN CONTEST is BACK for you. This is your opportunity to show your skills.

In the evening of April 16th, 2016, A1 Chinese Radio (http://www.ccue.com/a1_radio/web/) is giving out opportunities to the magic lovers! Bringing along with your own incredible skills, the candidates will enter into an exciting competition held on a magical platform in Market Village.

This is the 5th year magician contest to gather a large amount of Toronto magicians within the magic community and the qualified contestants will be challenge among each other and then finally compete for the fame of Top Magician in Toronto.

This might be the LAST YEAR we are having the contest at MARKET VILLAGE because this famous landmark will be renovating very soon. Hence, this is a historical moment for all magic lover to witness the contest of BEST MAGICIAN one LAST TIME at Market Village.

This Year, we will also have Lee Asher, Jim Tam, Jeff Pinsky and Magic Mike to be our judges.
Performance: Stage Magic or Close-Up Magic.
Contestant: All Ages, All Genders
Event date: Apr 16, 2016 (Saturday) 7:30pm
Venue: Market Village (Steeles & Kennedy) 
(Event will be host in Cantonese and English. Contestants can use any langue for their Magical Routine.)

We are now starting the YOUTUBE audition. From now till 30th of March, all participants only need to submit a roughly 2 - 5 minute video to starz@classicforce.com
- Please submit your video before March 29th, 2015 to waive the $20 entry fee. Any video(s) submitted after March 30th, 2015; a $20 entry fee will be applied.
- When submitting the video, please provide us your name and contact, so we can contact you.

*We will arrange an audition, AFTER we got your videos. Roughly 8 magicians or Magic group/ team will be chosen at the audition by the director of A1 media Toronto. These magicians will be competing on April 16, 2016 for the BEST Magician award 2016 & People choice award. ONE VIDEO entry per contestant only.

The winner of the competition will be receiving the following:
- “Best Magician 2016” trophy, “People Choice Magician 2016”
- Your chance to perform at CNE on with A1 Radio at Canada Day.
- Gift(s) from our main sponsor(s).

Look forward meeting you guys, See you all at there!!


  1. Dear Magician Friends

    Another "magic" competition will be hosted at Oriental Center located on 4430 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough,
    on Aug 14, 2016 (200pm to 330pm)

    If you are interested, please kindly email me the "youtube" video clip
    to no2entertainment@hotmail.com

    Winner will get $200 cash
    and audience favourites will get
    $100 cash

    If there's any questions, feel free to
    email to no2entertainment@hotmail.com
    Once again, thanks for your time

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