12 March 2016

Shin Lim in the Huffington Post

From the Huffington Post:
I saw my first magic show when I was 6 years old at a friend's birthday party. While I was easily fooled at that age, I remember not being impressed by the magicians 'tricks.' Now, twenty-something years later, the only moment of magic I witness is when a new episode of Scandal is uploaded to Netflix. So when I came across Shin Lim, an internet 'sleight of hand artist' (aka magician) with 17.5 Million video views, I wanted to find out how someone practicing an art form I thought was dead, could engage and entertain the easily distracted modern audience. By melding new media, music, and sleight of hand card tricks, Lim, a self taught playing-card fiend, returns simplicity to the spectacle of magic. And if I'm honest, something about his authenticity makes even skeptical 6-year-old me believe in the wonder of magic - at least for a few minutes.

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