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24 July 2016

The magic of Pokémon Go

From Discourse in Magic:
Unless you’ve been living under the worlds largest rock, I’m sure you’re aware of the hype and excitement of the launch of Pokémon Go.

Whether you feel good about it and you’re excited that nerds are getting out of their dens, and losing some weight. Or you feel bad about it, because people are crowding public places, while still staring at their phones. You cannot deny that it’s launch is one of the most viral launches of anything that we’ve ever seen.

Since magic is a unique art, it’s always interesting when new art forms, games, or technologies come to light, that help us get a better view of what were doing. 

So what does magic and Pokémon Go have in common AND WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU?

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  1. Pokemon Go Magic!
    Ron Martin visits Gage Park in Brampton Ontario and performs an Illusion with Charmander from Pokemon GO!

    See it for yourself!