08 September 2016

YTV's "Tricked" in the news

From the CBC:
P.E.I.'s Dave Moses is no stranger to the magic of television.

The writer/producer/actor has credits that range from the comedy Robson Arms to the gritty, real-life Emergency: Life & Death at VGH, set in Vancouver General Hospital's emergency room.

And then there's the surreal life of the upcoming Real Housewives of Toronto.

But he's now also involved in some actual magic on TV, thanks to the current show Tricked, airing on YTV.

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From TV, eh?:
“We spent five months in Vancouver filming, and performed 300 tricks,” Leclerc says during a press day in Toronto. “It was the first time in my career where I was doing magic that I wasn’t choosing to be put out there.” Adapted from a series in the UK, Force Four Entertainment auditioned hundreds of magicians before picking the Ottawa-based Leclerc. He and a team of magicians came up with all-original tricks, created and worked with him to perfect them before unleashing the brain-twisters on the public in 20 episodes.

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