06 July 2018

Alex Seaman in the Tri-City News

Congratulations Alex, on becoming the youngest in history to be installed as the International President-Elect of the International Brotherhood of Magicians!

From the July 4th article "Making magic on the international stage --Former Tri-City News paper boy delivers with his act" by Grant Granger in the Tri-City News:

Like many other kids, Zander got a magic kit when he was in kindergarten. But he lost interest in it quickly and put it away. The desire to pull the kit out of the closet didn't resurface until he was 11 years old when his family was on vacation in Victoria. They dropped into Tony's Trick and Joke Shop run by renowned magician Tony Eng. It had its fair share of the prankster staples like squirting nickels, hand buzzers and whoopee cushions. What little Alex couldn't take his eyes off of, though, was the Wall of Magic Wonders with all its oddities.

His parents and two younger brothers had other plans that day, but Alex didn't want to leave so they left him "with the magician dude."

Eng taught him a bunch of stuff, and by the time he exited he was the proud possessor of a deck of cards, sleight-of-hand sponge balls and other magic stuff. And he began to practise, practise and practise some more.

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