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25 July 2018

The Browser's Den in Toronto.com

From the July 21st article "Inside a magical place: Browser’s Den of Magic in North York" in Toronto.com:
It would be understandable for visitors to Browser’s Den of Magic to leave the shop in disbelief. The cozy North York home of prestidigitation can leave customers mystified at times. The city’s go to spot for purveyors of the art of sleight-of-hand, under the guidance of proprietor Jeff Pinsky, offers a magical space to learn about magic. Whether you take in the monthly Magic Club meeting or enjoy a “demonstration” by Jeff, himself an accomplished magician, you are sure to be entertained. Of course the shop offers a huge variety of tricks and tools as well, for practitioners of legerdemain and illusion, no matter their level of proficiency.

Read more and see photos of great photos of Jeff Pinsky, James Harrison and some of the magic club attendees.

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