30 October 2019

Vancouver and Victoria: Jason Verner in "Millennial" and "Senses"

From Eventbrite:
Sunday, November 10, 2019

A special "one-night only" performance of "Millennial." As part of the 3 of Clubs Convention, hosted by The Vancouver Magic Circle.

About this Event
Technology. Magic. Millennial. 21 year-old magician Jason Verners is proud to present his newest touring production: "Millennial." With performances across North America, multiple international awards, and regular network television appearances, Jason is thrilled to return to Vancouver, BC for a special "one-night only" performance of "Millennial." as part of the 3 of Clubs Convention, hosted by The Vancouver Magic Circle. Jason has created a show with a unique combination of close up magic, audience participation and countless surprises. This experience will shatter your expectations of what a magic show can be. Jason Verners has been called "The next David Blaine" by celebrities and press across the nation, and we invite you to come witness why. This production features brand-new illusions from Jason Verners. JasonVerners.com @JasonVerners -- “ONE of the Best Young Magicians in Canada” -Vic42 "Full of humour, wonder, and the best kind of magic: genuine magic." -happydesigns -- *Tickets will be available at the door depending on availability, but we strongly recommend buying them in advance as this performance is expected to sell-out in advance. *Although there are no official age restrictions, the show is NOT geared towards young children and is typically recommended for ages 13 and up.

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From Eventbrite:
Friday November 22

"Senses" has been built within the award-winning House of Boateng Cafe in Langford, BC. The evening is split into six parts, each dinner course from Chef Castro Boateng is paired with a moment of mystery by magician Jason Verners that will unlock and reveal one of your five senses. The question is: What is the 6th?

Sight. Sound. Smell. Taste. Touch. ........

Join us for the most immersive dinner-theatre the nation has to offer. The experience is strictly limited to forty people.


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