06 November 2019

Moncton and Enoch: The Clairvoyants

From Casino New Brunswick:
TUE MARCH 31, 2020

Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass(The Clairvoyants) were both born and raised in Austria and now reside in both Austria and America. When they met in 2011, they began to develop their “second sight” act, andtwo months laterbrought itto the stage for the first time. Within a year they had developed a full-length show. Shortly thereafter, they began touring Europe. In 2014, they received their first long-term contract in America when they performed in the showThe Illusionariumby JeffHobson. A custom theatre was built for this show on the cruise ship “Norwegian Getaway”. After a six-month run inThe Illusionarium,they were offered a featured spot in the largest touring magic show in the world,The Illusionists,produced by Simon Painter. As part of the brand-new showThe Illusionists 1903,they toured Australia, Mexico and the Middle East after which they continued withThe Illusionists 2.0andThe Illusionists —Live From Broadway. A highlight of their career was the opportunity to perform at the Sydney Opera House.This winter they are experiencing another career highlight, appearing in the showThe Illusionists —Turn of the Centuryat the Palace Theatre in New York City, on Broadway. In 2016, they decided to take part in the biggesttalent show in the world, “America’s Got Talent.” After four months, six different performances and more than 100,000 contestants, America voted them second place. In October 2016 they appeared, together with winner Grace Vanderwaal, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Being a part of that show was another major step in the evolution of their careers. Van Tass and Ten were awarded the “German Champions of Mentalism”, “Magicians of the Year”, 2015 and, were enthusiastically chosen as the “World Champions of Mentalism, 2015”, a prize that hadn’t been awarded in 30 years.

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From Ticketmaster:
Apr 03, 2020
River Cree Resort & Casino

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