24 December 2020

Luc Langevin: “Interconnected”

Tickets for Interconnected are currently available from December 27th through to the end of March 2021.


From Luc Lagnevin's website (as translated by Google):

Each performance of the show takes place live and is therefore unique. The spectators are an integral part of it. A ticket purchase is equivalent to a unique viewing link. It is therefore not possible to share it. If everyone you'll be watching the show with is doing it on the same device, you only need one ticket (one ticket per device).

Premium ticket holders
23 participants (and other residents of their household) will have the privilege of personally interacting with Luc during the show and will appear on screen throughout the performance ($ 68 + tax or € 45). They must connect to the show 30 minutes in advance

Regular ticket holders
Other spectators will be able to attend the show live and participate in the collective acts without appearing on the screen ($ 25 + taxes or € 20).

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