21 March 2021

[Guest post] A preview of Calculated Thoughts

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon. 


(And magicians seriously interested in mentalism)

An exclusive preview for Canada's Magic

by The Magic Demon

Doug Dyment, longtime resident of Gibsons on the "Sunshine Coast" in beautiful British Columbia, has penned a magnificent new 398 page hardcover book containing 40 awesome routines that (in the words of Richard Webster) "will become a classic and will be read and studied by future generations of magicians and mentalists".

Entitled "Calculated Thoughts" and published by Vanishing Inc. (and retailing for $60 US) this is an impressive publication consisting of original material and material reworked from his legendary self-published manuscripts (some of which have had their original editions go out of print). Mr. Dyment has long been considered one of the foremost highly-regarded "underground" thinkers in the world of mentalism, and is a past president and lifetime member of the Psychic Entertainers Association (PEA).

Written in an erudite, precise, and clear prose style I don't believe this is a book for the casual beginner. Motivated beginners and more experienced performers will gain much, however, from its original effects and (in the words of Ken Weber) "Doug's dazzling insight[s] into some of mentalism's classic plots".

I won't waste any more space on its unanimously glowing reviews but by all means check them out for yourself on-line at (for example) The Magic Cafe or Genii forum as well as on Doug's own unique and informative website, www.deceptionary.com. (It's well worth a visit even if you aren't yet planning to buy the book.) Doug's site also has a password protected section of corrections and supplements for "Calculated Thoughts".

I'm calling this a "preview" because I don't feel I can properly review "Calculated Thoughts" yet. It offers too much to contemplate too quickly and I've only just very recently bought it - but I can tell you how happy I am that I did and why.

Not so very long ago I was more than willing to pay $50 CDN for one of Doug's acclaimed "underground" booklets, the one dealing with his ingenious solution to one of the "core tools of mentalism", the billet tear (which he called R2D2). I was disappointed to discover the original edition had gone out of print. How pleased and excited I was to discover that for only about 50% more (Browser's Den of Magic is currently selling "Calculated Thoughts" at a very reasonable $74 CDN) I would not only get a thorough and detailed chapter full of Doug's updated and revised best billet tear explanation - but also nine other thoughtful, innovative and powerful chapters with enough new ideas, musings and variations on numerous effects to keep me reading and busy for months and months... and months. Such a deal! Was I happy? Very.

Very very, in fact.

So if you're "into" mentalism, may I humbly suggest this could be your best purchase of 2021. I already have a good feeling that it is going to be mine.

Thank you Mr. Dyment for presenting us with such an inspiring collection of your finest work. It is very much appreciated.


Alternatively to obtaining your copy from the Browser's Den of Magic (where it is currently in stock and listed on their website), this site's other sponsors might also be able to special order it for you. They may even already have it in stock since I last looked.

Full Disclosure: The Magic Demon paid retail for their copy from Clownin' Around (Canada's only brick and mortar magic shop west of the Great Lakes) on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC and has received no compensation for writing these words.


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!


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