06 May 2021

May 2021 sale: 40% off yearly sponsorship rates!

Sponsor Canada's Magic 

Canada's Magic is offering for the rest of May, a 40% discount on the listed price of any one year advertising package.  Qualifying packages include the Platinum, Gold, and Silver annual rates. (This offer does not include Sponsored Posts or personal sponsorships (being our Friend).)


We know times are tough and that's why we are also offering a one time only 6 month COVID extension. 

In addition to the 40% discount on qualifying packages, your sponsorship will last for 18 months.*

Join the company of patrons Clive Court (The Fun-da-Mentalist), Evelyn & Phil Matlin (owners of Perfect Magic), Jeff Pinsky (owner of The Browser's Den of Magic), Michael Close (author of the Workers series and other ebooks), Ty Reveen (appearing at the St. John Imperial Theatre in June) and Brent Smith, owner of The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop and sponsor us (or be our friend) today!

Our patrons make this site possible. 

For more information, please visit the "Sponsor" tab, leave your question in a comment below or send an e-mail.

Thank you for your continued support!





*  This offer does not include Sponsored Posts or personal sponsorships (being our Friend).  Sponsors currently receiving a COVID extension are not eligible to receive this offer.




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