19 May 2021

Ring 66 hosts an UnConventional lecture with Jonah and Ben [May 20]

From the Facebook event Calgary Club Meeting and UNConventional Lecture:

Description: In 2020 magic went through a radical change - moving predominantly online for the first time in existence.

During that time Ben Train and his partner Jonah Babins performed more than 300 virtual shows for audiences all over the world - and of all ages and sizes. They also produced the world’s first 8-bit virtual magic convention (Unconventional.fun), transformed their magic company so it could operate entirely online, and worked with countless magicians helping them with their virtual shows.
Now Ben and Jonah wants to share what he learnt and answer any questions you might have. They’ve got advice on marketing your online shows, tips on how to maximize virtual audience engagement, and insight into what you can do to make 2021 your most magical year yet.

This is NOT a lecture - so don’t come expecting to learn any tricks - but it will be a fun night all about the world of virtual magic; filled with learning, laughs, and bottomless drinks*

*Provided you have a lot of drinks at home. 

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