02 May 2021

Ben Proudfoot's Oscar nomination

You may remember that Ben won International Brotherhood of Magicians' Youth Close-Up Magic Contest in 2007.  Congratulations on your Oscar nomination Ben!

From Bill VanGorder:
"... his Oscar nominated movie, it is free on Vimeo: 'A Concerto is a Conversation'."

From the April 23rd article "Trip to the Oscars a ray of sunshine for Canada's Ben Proudfoot after 'very dark year'" by Jackson Weaver at the CBC:

Ben Proudfoot's short documentary is headed to the Oscars, and so is he — in the midst of pandemic-related upheaval in the industry and a major shift in how award shows connect with their guests and audiences.

The Halifax director is nominated alongside co-director Kris Bowers for A Concerto is a Conversation, their 13-minute feature about Bowers's grandfather, Horace Bowers, and the discrimination he faced as he escaped the Jim Crow South.

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