25 June 2021

Changes to email subscriptions

If you receive email messages with the subject of "Today at Canada's Magic" from  noreply+feedproxy@google.com this post is for you!

Sometime this summer, as early as July, Google will be making changes to the system that generates these emails.  Specifically, they will be turning this service off.

Should you wish to continue receiving email updates from the Canada's Magic blog, you may subscribe to the Follow.It email service.  Some notes:

  • you will receive your daily emails at approximately the same time of day you subscribe to the service
  • the subject of the email will read "CanadasMagic - new message"
  • the email will contain the title of the day's posts, which you can click through to see the full post on the blog
  • the email will be sent from "inbox@followitmailing.com"


Subscribe by email by going to https://follow.it/canadasmagic?action=followPub and following the instructions.


There will be no impact to you if you follow Canada's Magic through:


Thank you!



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