07 June 2021

The Evasons on episode 18 of Don't Everybody Leave

From the June 1st upload on the Don't Everybody Leave YouTube channel (with Mac King, Jacob Jax, Jason England, Vinny Grosso, Nick Diffatte, and Michael Goudeau):

( If you just want to learn the mind reading trick, skip to 33:24 )

It's episode EIGHTEEN of Don't Everybody Leave! Can you believe it?? We can't. This episode features our very first teach-a-trick segment! The fabulous Evasons join us to discuss all things mind reading. They also tell us about trying to walk on the Vegas Strip in 120 degree heat, the amazing part of their Penn & Teller: Fool Us appearance that didn't make it to air, and the worst show they ever had to do. They hold the distinct honor of being the first people to give us a "worst show ever" story involving fried fish. Plus, Jacob's great memory, Vinny's naked body, and Goudeau's tips on how to stay in one place while riding a six foot tall Unicycle. Another hilarious and fun episode! We can't be stopped!


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