05 October 2022

Toronto: Ring 17 social meet [Oct 6] and Jeff Hinchliffe lecture recap

Ring 17 is having a social meet this Thursday at Shoeless Joe's Sports Grill, 3200 Dufferin St, North York.  Contact Ring 17 for details.


From the October 3rd Facebook post by Ring 17:

No, that wasn't a practical joke when we suddenly switched the lecture speaker last week! Sadly just two days before our lecture, our scheduled speaker and past president James Alan tested positive for that trendy virus that just won't go away (and we thought the Macarena stuck around a long time!), so we had to scramble. We are truly grateful that Sir Jeff Hinchliffe stepped up to help us out. Our heads are still reeling from the routines and knowledge he dropped on us including a some history of magic colouring books and his new rising card effect! And it was member Rob Fishbaum's birthday! His family must really love him if they let him spend his special day with us! Afterwards folks went down to the Uptown Pub for drinks, food and of course, MAGIC! 

NOTE: We did videotape the lecture (thanks to member Chris Mayhew) and are currently editing it. As soon as that is done, a screening link will be made available to members to view – just one of the new perks of being a member of the 2022-2023 season!

Reviews are thumbs up on the venue we were used for Jeff's lecture, the Agricola Finnish Lutheran Church located by York Mills Station, which has a big open hall and a parking lot to match. We have been having difficulty finding venues that are central and within the club's budget, but hope to return here. We will be exploring other spaces over the season as we are not always able to get the dates that we want for certain places. 

Thanks to everyone who came out! It was great seeing you all in person and we look forward to more Meet-Ups and Events to come






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