15 January 2024

Random thoughts about "An Evening of Magic Shop Memories"

Last Saturday, Jeff Pinsky hosted "An Evening of Magic Shop Memories" at The Browser's Den of Magic.

It was a lovely way to spend an evening!

We heard stories from: 

  • Mike Segal
  • Greg Hobor
  • Richard Lyn
  • Nicole Lee
  • Dick Joiner
  • Mike King
  • David Sutherland
  • Gordon Precious -- who, as an added bonus performed 2 effects for us!
  • Colin Geddes
  • David Peck
  • Jeff Hinchliffe,
  • Sammy Jakubowicz, and
  • our host Jeff Pinsky

Stories told included Magic Masters, Daytona Magic, Macy's, The Arcade, The Den (on Bloor across from Varsity Arena, above Yuk Yuk's, Bathurst and Eglinton, and now!), Morrissey's (Montreal and Toronto) and even Marie & Jack Hughes living room in London, England!  They also included names like Sophie Smith, Len & Bernice Cooper, Herb & Dan Morrissey, Henry Gordon, Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz, David Ben, Mark Lewis, David Mitchell, Danny Tsukalis, Steve Martin, Jim Carey, Keanu Reeves, and more!


Did you know that:

  • Bernice Cooper often baby sat a Toronto magician's son at the store?
  • Dick Joiner first saw Mark Lewis in England?
  • David Copperfield once ended his grand illusion show in Toronto with "What's Next?" 
  • Keanu Reeves used to hang out at The Browser's Den of Magic?
  • There used to be a Canadian 25 cent bill!


Thank you older Jeff, for conceiving and hosting this wonderful evening of sharing!

From the January 14th Facebook post by Greg Hobor at The Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:















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