13 August 2023

The Legacy of Sorcerers Safari - part 3

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From Part 1 of the series:

In lieu of a physical reunion bringing together past campers and staff, Canada’s Magic is hosting a virtual reunion of sorts.  We’ve reached out to the Sorcerers Safari community with a dozen or so questions to help bring us up to date on what everyone has been up to since our magic camp days.

If you completed our survey, keep your eyes peeled for your segment!  

If you would like to participate but haven’t filled out the survey, there’s still time.  The survey can be found here:  https://forms.gle/umg77yj9QxUzfpm76

Thank you to all that contributed!


Mike, Jen, Sorcerers Safari staff, and alumni, this series is for you.


The Legacy of Sorcerers Safari
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Part 3 features:  Brett Chrest, Dick Joiner, and Matt DiSero


  Brett Chrest  

Attended camp as a camper from 2011 to 2014.

Since his time at camp Brett has:

  • Completed an undergraduate degree in biomedical science and moved from Canada to North Carolina to pursue a PhD as a cancer scientist.

In his own words:

  • Attending camp greatly improved my public speaking ability and gave me the confidence I have now to speak with authority and give presentations up on a stage.

  • Favourite Sorcerers Safari memory?  
    • Watching and sharing magic with our fellow roommates, counsellors, and our honoured guests later at night in our cabin before bed.

  • Biggest take-away from Sorcerers Safari?
    • The sense of community and belonging at a young age.



  Dick Joiner  
Professional magician,  DickJoiner.com

Attended camp for 18 years as staff from approximately 2001 to 2016.

In his own words:

  • Favourite Sorcerers Safari memory?  
    • Seeing so many young adults arriving at the camp with a dream and leaving at the end of a week with that dream becoming a reality.

  • Biggest take-away from Sorcerers Safari?
    • The friends made.
    • Seeing so many campers performing professional "entertainment" not only in Canada but around the world.

 Life is but a dream that can be magical...



  Matt DiSero 
Professional magician, MattDiSero.com

Attended camp the second or third year as a Special Guest.

Since his time at camp Matt has:

In his own words:

  • Favourite Sorcerers Safari memory?  
    • Sharing the stage with Josh Jay.

  • Biggest take-away from Sorcerers Safari?
    • I noticed the relationship between kids and counsellors was very good and the atmosphere supporting new magicians was really great.


Mike’s done an incredible job with that camp. Professional magicians working today can draw a direct lineage to their success and the camp. I hear that often.


 Thank you Brett, Dick, and Matt, for sharing your memories!

 Check back throughout the month to read updates from other Sorcerers Safari alumni and staff!


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