09 December 2023

Victoria: The Magic of Tony Eng at the Chinese Canadian Museum

From the December 6th article "New magician exhibit opening at Victoria’s Chinese museum in Fan Tan alley this week" by Curtis Blandy at Victoria Buzz:

Eng was born in 1948 and raised right here in Victoria. According to the museum, he had an affinity for the magical arts since he was a young boy. He received his first magic kit at the young age of 8-years-old and had started performing shows by age 12.

Onlookers would be able to see his show at The Japanese Village restaurant for two decades.

He worked over the years to piece together a show that was interwoven with his Chinese Canadian heritage that he called ‘Mysteries of the Orient,’ in which he was adorned in an elegant, embroidered mandarin robe. 

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Listen to Gregor Craigie interview Julie Eng about her father on the December 4th segment at CBC's On The Island.



From the December 7th Facebook post by Julie Eng:

It’s official! The Magic of Tony Eng exhibition, at the Victoria Chinatown Museum in Fan Tan Alley is now open! It is wonderful to see my dear dad being honoured in this very special way. Throughout the curatorial process, I was very moving to hear just how many people were touched by Dad and his magic. Thanks to the Victoria Chinatown Museum Society and the Chinese Canadian Museum for choosing to spotlight someone who dared to be different and to chase his dreams. I was very excited to be part of the ribbon cutting ceremony today. A profound honour and one I will never forget. Dad, I think you really would have loved this exhibition. I know I do.




From the December 6th Facebook post by Charlayne Thornton-Joe:

The Victoria Chinatown Museum Society and the Chinese Canadian Museum have worked closely with the Eng family to create the exhibition which celebrates the spellbinding magical career of Tony Eng, whose enchanting influence and legacy reached far corners of the world. The exhibition features Tony’s original mandarin robe and many items from his bag of tricks.

“The Victoria Chinatown Museum Society is delighted to work with the Chinese Canadian Museum on the installation of ‘The Magic of Tony Eng’,” says Grace Wong Sneddon, Board Chair of the Victoria Chinatown Museum Society and Co-Curator of The Magic of Tony Eng. “Tony was a mentor to youth in Victoria and around the world. His magic was more than a routine, it provided a space for us to dream beyond the ordinary. Stories of Victoria Chinese Canadians are important to share.” 

Born and raised in Victoria, B.C., Tony’s fascination with magic began at the age of eight when he received his first magic kit, and then started performing magic shows at age 12. He became a fan favourite when he performed every Sunday at The Japanese Village restaurant for two decades. 

Embracing his Chinese Canadian heritage, he created a distinctive show called “Mysteries of the Orient” which he performed in an embroidered mandarin’s robe. His skill and talent made him renowned in the Canadian magic circle where he was known as the “Ambassador of Magic.” His entrepreneurial skills enabled him to run a successful wholesale business and establish the Premier School of Bartending. He also started up his own Tony's Trick & Joke Shop in Victoria which was a fantasy emporium of wizardry and gadgetry where he inspired and mentored many young up-and-coming magicians for years to come.












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