04 May 2016

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03 May 2016

Diary of a Sorcerers Safari newbie - part 2

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A camper's notebook. Photo by Rosemary Reid
A camper's notebook.
Day 1: Friday August 14, 2015 (cont)*
The cabins are huge. You could fit 16 people in our cabin -- I’m glad there are only 10 of us. The kids in my cabin are really nice. A bunch of them are here for the first time and some of them have been here before. Steven Kline made us fabulous name tags with an old magic comic book theme. Kids that were here before brought their old ones. Some campers have sooo many! My counsellor is nice and so is my “counsellor in training.” There’s an instructor in our cabin too. I hope it’s not like having a school teacher live with you, making you do work all the time. That’d be a drag.
One of the cabins.
One of the cabins.

I did my swim test. The lifeguard said our “swimming didn’t have to be fast or pretty, we just have to do 2 lengths.” I passed! Turns out, even if you don’t pass the swim test you can go in the deep water if you put on a life jacket. They want us to have as much fun as possible. This place is incredible!
At the swim docks. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
At the swim docks.

Learning from Daryl during free time. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Learning from Daryl during free time.

The Mess Hall (the place where we eat) is enormous! Someone said they filmed a famous movie here over 30 years ago. [Note to self: look up “Meatballs” when I get home.] Each cabin sits at their own big picnic-type table and then people go and get food (even seconds!), and take back dirty dishes, and wipe down the table. Everyone gets assigned a job. (I even saw the special guest, Daryl Easton, bringing dirty dishes from his table to the “dirty dish window.” Wow. Everybody pulls their weight!) We had potatoes and turkey and bread. They made me eat some salad -- Mom would be happy. Then we had dessert -- brownies! Sooooo good! (Worth eating salad for.)

The Mess Hall.
The Mess Hall

To be continued ...

The 2016 season of Sorcerers Safari will run from Sunday August 7th through Friday August 12th, 2016. For more information, or to register, please visit SorcerersSafari.ca

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* The “Diary of a Sorcerers Safari Newbie” is primarily based on the 2015 camp season.  It is an aggregate of many perspectives, and at times includes events from previous years.

02 May 2016

Brainstorming presentation in support of magic as a cultural institution

If you have ideas or feedback for Clive, I encourage you to post them on his Facebook page.  If you don't have a Facebook account, you're welcome to leave a comment on this post.

From Clive Court's Facebook page:
Next year Canada celebrates its 150th Anniversary and the government intends to get us hyped on our own culture with a variety of activities and events. And one of those activities across will be hearings about the future of our cultural institutions including, film, theatre, radio, television, publishing, and the internet . I am interested in putting together a visual presentation (video) for use at various hearings. As I see it at the moment, the video(s) will feature Canada's world champion magicians and others who have appeared on major TV shows around the world. For example, clips of Shawn Farquhar on Penn and Teller, Greg Frewin in The World's Greatest Magic. or Richard Forget on Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde. Each clip would be followed by each magician explaining how he/she is able to make a living in Canada by touring around the world and appearing on international TV specials, etc. Suggestions?