04 May 2016

FREE: Magic Master Summit 2016

Updated November 2017 to add:

How many Canadians do you see?

From Magic Masters Summit:
Magic Master Summit 2016
Top Secrets from working pros to get more shows, enhance your performance, grow your audience, and cash in!

Featuring more than 30 presentations, from more than 24 experts, totaling more than 50 hours of incredible secrets! 

And the great news is, it's completely FREE, July 18-22, 2016.

The good news is that this coming July 18-22, 2016, we've assembled a some of the greatest minds in entertainment in one location; giving you more than 50 hours of free presentations to help you fix what's currently broken in your performance business!  They'll give you the tools and the knowledge to help you go make six or seven figures a year in entertainment!  Think it's impossible?  Think again!  We've included several millionaires in these presentations just to prove our point!

Register Now!
To ensure your future success, go now to MagicMasterSummit now and enter your name and email address, to register for this limited-time, free event!

We're so committed to your success, that just for signing up we'll give you 7 Free Documents delivered to your email instantly!
• Booking Form (Used for your records for all types of events)
• Client Invoice (To instantly make you look more professional)
• Confidentiality Agreement (Basic version for your casual performance settings)
• Confidentiality Agreement (Expert version for those really important contracts and secrets)
• Cover Letter (To get you started in the right direction)
• Letter of Agreement (Simple contract for most shows)
• Model Release Form (Giving you the unlimited permission to use someone’s image for your promotional or business purposes)

Don't wait, register now!

Read more and register.

Disclosure: I am a Magic Master Summit Affiliate and I am eligible to make a commission with every sale made using the links posted on this site.

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