03 May 2024

Winner of tickets to see "Alex McAleer -- Mind Reader"

The contest to win a pair of tickets to see Alex McAleer - Mind Reader in Toronto May 3 - 12th.  Thank you to everyone who played!     

Alex McAleer

Alex McAleer (right)

where we learn:
  • about the differences between the solo show and his appearances in Champions of Magic,
  • the structure of his one-man show,
  • soundtrack inspirations,
  • the advantage to performing in intimate theatres,
  • routines that play better small, and
  • changes to his act in the past 10+ years.


Favourite mentalism effects included:

  1. Phil Smith's Humint or Equifinique
  2. 21 card trick

Random draw results from Rafflecopter:







The winner has been notified and the prize distributed.  Rafflecopter only contains information from the winning entry.

Congratulations to our winner!  We hope you enjoy the show!

With thanks to Starvox Entertainment for generously making these tickets available!


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