09 December 2021

Vote now for the 2021 Readers' Choice Award

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Nominations are closed and voting is now open for the sixth annual 2021 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!

Take a moment to acknowledge that this has been another extraordinary year.  Many of you embraced new skills and a new performing landscape.  Some of you took on work outside of performing.  Some of you continue to struggle with the day-to-day.  No matter your situation, give yourself a pat on the back.  You've made it this far.  To paraphrase Tom Brady, you didn't come this far to only come this far.  You've got this! 
(Also, wear your mask and get vaccinated. --Mom)

Congratulations to everyone for inspiring someone(s) enough for them to submit your name!  (I'm always tempted at this point, to declare all of the nominees as winners and not bother with the voting part. However, a vote was promised and a vote there shall be.)

Voting will close on Thursday, December the 23rd at 11:59pm EST.  Votes submitted after this time will not be counted.  One vote per person. 

To vote, scroll down to the bottom of this post and participate in the poll. (Click through the Google Forms link if the poll does not appear in your browser.)

Let's have a look at the nominees (listed in alphabetical order by surname):

2021 Nominee: Gwyn Auger
Gwyn Auger (aka The Magic Assistant)

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote:
"I'd like to nominate Gwyn Auger, the Magic Assistant (@magicassistant on Twitter and Instagram). Gwyn's petite frame can barely contain the enthusiasm and passion she has for magic and the magic community. She is great ambassador for magic locally in Calgary, in Canada and abroad."

Editor's note:

Website: Magician.org/member/magicassistant.

2021 Nominee: Scott Baird

Scott Baird (The Hermit Magazine)

Nominated by Anonymous who wrote.
"I would like to nominate Scott Baird for showcasing his love of magic and art with his detailed magic illustrations on Instagram, and also for deciding to start a new Canadian-made online magic magazine. His magic artwork is FANTASTIC so check it all out - @magicbaird @scottbairdmagic @hermitmagicmag Wishing him the best of luck in all his magical endeavors."

Editor's note:


Website:  HermitMagic.com

2021 Nominee: Jean Deshaies

Jean Deshaies

Nominated by Magicien Méphisto who wrote: 

"I would like to nominate Jean Deshaies.

"A few years back, after doing magic as a hobby for some years, I went to attend a 2h course in magic, along with my daughter and a few other people in Québec City. The teacher was great, and made a strong impression on me right from the start. He was patient, nice, skillful & knowledgeable. But most of all, he showed a real passion for magic. After the course, we chatted a little and I told him magic was a fine hobby, but beside a select few, I thought no one could earn a living doing that. I vividly remember him looking at me like I had 2 heads. He answered there were many ways and opportunities to make a living in magic, if you really like it and put in the time and effort. Afterward I gave that some serious thoughts, and not long after that, I started doing magic professionally because of Jean's encouraging words and attitude. Since then, whenever I needed clues about getting started in different fields (strolling, table magic, zoom magic etc) he was always willing to teach and help. I sometime sent him videos for him to criticize or get his point of view.

"Furthermore, instead of getting discouraged by the pandemic, Jean used the new medium of virtual magic to great success, presenting zoom shows in schools all across Canada.
Jean Deshaies is my mentor in magic and without his inspiration, I certainly wouldn't be where I am today: still learning, but happy to be a professional magician."

Editor's note:
  • We have nothing to add to that excellent nomination!


Website:  JeanDeshaies.com

2021 Nominee: Chris Gowen

Chris Gowen
Nominated by by Anonymous who wrote:
"I nominate Chris Gowen as he is changing how magic looks in Edmonton. Completely selling out his Taste of Magic shows with the Canadian Brewhouse... seems about as Canadian as a show can get.

"Looks like he's fast on his way to no longer being one of 'Edmonton's Best Kept Secrets' but more one of Edmonton's celebrated artists."

Editor's note:
  • We have nothing to add to that excellent nomination!


Website:  ChrisGowen.ca

2021 Nominee: Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed

Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed (aka Graemazing) (aka Magicians Talking Magic)
Nominated by Anonymous and the Merchant of Magic who wrote:
"for the inspirational Magicians Talking Magic podcast" and for being all around fabulous people!"

Editor's note:
  • In 2021, Ryan and Graeme produced 50 Magicians Talking Magic podcasts, including their two year anniversary, topical topics such as returning to live shows, news coverage about FISM, and plethora of guests which included Joshua Jay, Shawn Farquhar, Greg Frewin Spidey, Boris Wild, Paul Royter, and Joe Diamond.
  • Ryan and Graeme consistently demonstrate a high level of integrity and professionalism.  We're lucky to have them as part of our community. 

Websites:  RyanJoyce.com, GraemeReedMagic.com, and Magicians Talking Magic.

2021 Nominee: Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer

Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer (aka Big Trick Energy)

Nominated by Unknown who wrote:
"Decisions decisions! For me this year I'd have to give it to the dudes at Big Trick Energy. If I had to pick one of the 4 I would have picked Eric. So maybe this is TWO nominations? I've never met such a carefree, loving and positive human in my life...well (except for maybe the delavegas-sweetpeas). Eric lives magic, epically. His insta stories motivate me to get off my butt.The other guys are also totally awesome as people and performers, and I hope their show propels them and to even bigger things ahead."

Editor's note:

Websites:  Chris-Ramsay.com, EricLeclerc.com, WesBarker.ca, AlexBoyer.com, TruTv.com/shows/big-trick-energy.

2021 Nominee: Paul Romhany

Paul Romhany

Nominated by Mike Norden who wrote:
"I nominate Paul Romhany!

"Paul is an amazing magician, and a wonderful human being.

"First - his Chaplin act is amazing. He’s toured the world with this act and that alone is justification for this award.

"Second - he has produced dozens of books, tricks and routines for other magicians! Some of the top names in magic use his methods or gimmicks while they compete on shows like AGT or Fool Us!

"Third - He runs Vanish Magazine! Have you read it? It was free for years and now cost a few pennies lol - it’s filled with Canadians - half of the columnists are local!!

"Fourth - He supports magic clubs, is on the board of CAM, participates in conventions and lectures - and he is willing to give his shirt off his back - genuinely - for someone in need. He’s the real deal!

"He does so much for magic and does not seek the spotlight - so let’s shine some light on him this year and vote for him please!"


Editor's note:

Websites:  ChaplinMagic.com and VanishMagic.com



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