31 December 2021

Top 5 posts in December 2021

There were 35+ posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Carisa Hendrix in the Greensboro News & Record and a Doug Henning Easter Egg - Carisa's up to some fantastic things!
4. Gordon Precious in The Globe and Mail - Go Gordon!
3. Luc Langevin winner of the Innovation Award | PME - Favorite - Félicitations Luc!
2. 2021 Readers' Choice award results - Congratulations to this year's winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1.  David Krychowski interviews Gwyn Auger, Billy Kidd, and Trevor & Lorena Watters - Lots of Canadian talent being interviewed!


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