24 December 2021

More on The Magical Mystery Show

More information about The Magical Mystery Show mentioned here on November 25th.


From the December 21 posting "Hotel Magic LLC, Hawaii Firm, Launches Global Hotel Magic Program Starting in Oahu, Maui, USA and London, England" at Newswires:

As a result of the origins of their relationships, a portion of every ticket gross sale is donated to “worthy and well-qualified” charities. Currently a portion of each ticket sale goes to support The Maui Shrine Club, Aloha Shriners, and The Academy of Magical Arts (The famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Parties with charity needs in Hawaii and London should reach out via the contact form at the website www.Hotel-Magic.com and make a suggestion.

Chief Operating Officer is Marty Alexander. VP of Hotel Operations is Brian Lynx. Chief Financial Officer is Timothy Jaworski. Production and Design hail from London England and is managed by Ruth O’Keefe, a higher degree holder of the British Institute of Interior Design. Our talent agency is currently located in British Columbia, Canada, and our Exclusive Agent is Paul Romhany. Chief Technology Officer handling surveillance and security is Nirvana Jet Dillingham, owner of Maui Alarm Services. Senior Venue Producer is Jerry Eiting providing more than three decades of theatrical and production experience.

The first contracted performers include superstars Nathan Coe Marsh, Shoot Ogawa (from Japan), TC Tahoe, and Hawaiian Curtis Kam. Professional magicians with world-class credentials not already signed to this project should reach out provided they have at least 10 years of cruise line work and have appeared as a resident magician at the Magic Castle at least 10 weeks -- or have won America's Got Talent, appeared on Masters of Illusion, or have won Penn & Teller: Fool Us. 

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