11 December 2021

Gordon Precious in The Globe and Mail

From the December 7th article "These seniors show why you’re never too old to learn to ski" by Dene Moore in The Globe and Mail:

Mr. Precious says he didn’t really set out for the record but just to enjoy something he has loved his entire life. He vowed years ago he would go heli-skiing every five years as long as he’s able.

His grandson Trevor Young was at his side and it was a beautiful bluebird day, he recalls.

“Trevor and I were up there on the top of the mountain and it’s the strangest feeling when you get out of the helicopter, and he raises maybe 20 feet up in the air and then just seems to drop off down the steep decline and disappears,” Mr. Precious says. “All of a sudden you realize there’s no way to go but down.” 

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