03 January 2011

Eric Leclerc's Project 365

Eric Leclerc, a young professional magician from Ottawa, has started "Project 365" where he plans to post a magic video on YouTube every single day for an entire year.  (Calen Morelli from the US is almost a third of the way through a similar project titled "365 Days of Magic.")

We should be in for a treat as this project unfolds.  You may remember that Eric is currently the only magician to win both the stage (2003) and close-up (2007) competitions at CAM conventions!  To follow along, subscribe to his YouTube channel, LeclericShow.

Here's day one to get you started:

In addition, Eric and his team will be giving away just over $3000 in prizes throughout the year. Prizes include a Canon digital camera, an iPod Touch, a Sony E-book reader, a portable DVD player even a Playstation 3! You'll need to watch the videos for contest details.

Support  Eric by subscribing to his channel and commenting on the videos.

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