19 January 2011

Johnny Giordmaine (1898-1974) tribute site

Edited August 12, 2011 to update the URL of the tribute site to it's new home at http://www.johngiordmaine.com

It seems fitting that on this day, the 37th anniversary of Johnny Giordmaine's passing, I learned about John Pellatt's website: "A Tribute to John Giordmaine."  Pellatt as been working on this project since 2008.  His site contains images and text from his personal collection as well as archival materials from John Giordmaine's own family.

To contribute your own memories or photos of John Giordmaine contact John Pellatt directly.  His e-mail address can be found on page 11 of his site.

To learn more about this extraordinary children's magician visit A Tribute to John Giordmaine, the Canadian Magicians' Archive or MagicPedia.

[h/t: @WorldOfMagician, CAM eZine]

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