05 December 2012

Magic 'n Miracles: Fabulous!

Kidlet and I caught day one of Murray Hatfield's Magic 'n Miracles tour and had a fabulous time at the show!  (Unfortunately, due to unexpected scheduling issues on our part, we were only able to see the last half of the show.  I imagine that I'd be saying it was a super fabulous time, had we been able to see it from the start!)

In addition to Murray's wonderful magic, Michael Goudeau's impressive juggling, and the delightful work of Miles Meechan and Magdalaina Tamasik, I was tickled to see Billy Hsueh on stage!  Billy was taking advantage of Murray's offer to bring a young magician with him on tour.  I first had the pleasure of meeting Billy at Sorcerers Safari magic camp a couple of summers ago.  I'm sure Billy is learning an incredible amount on this tour!

The show was expertly produced by Steven Kline.  I was delighted he had the time and energy to have a quick chat with us when all was said and done!  Equally delightful was a chance encounter with Julie Eng and Suley Fattah, who were also in attendance.

I encourage you to catch the show and support a good cause in the process!

P.S.: Next time you see any of the people involved in the show, be sure to ask them about the pre-show smoke alarm!

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