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06 December 2012

Update on the Wayne Houchin story

Reminder: Donations can be made to assist Wayne through either Paul Harris' Matical Arts Fund or through the Acacdamy of Magical Arts.

This was sent to me last night from Clara Coto-Shepardson, Executive Producer of the Curiosidades Show:

Franklin Barazarte, TV host who set magician Wayne Houchin on fire, is now officially a fugitive of the law.
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - December 5th, 2012 - At 10am (AST), American magician Wayne Houchin held a press conference with his lawyers at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in response to Franklin Barazarte fleeing the Dominican Republic. While it's unclear how Mr. Barazarte avoided capture with an active criminal warrant out for his arrest, he managed to travel to New York city to be with his wife Adriana Azzi. As a result of ignoring serious charges, he's now officially considered a fugitive of Dominican law.
Houchin and his lawyers have asked the United States to arrest and extradite Barazarte to the Dominican Republic, to face prosecution for his crimes as well as civil litigation. Houchin and his lawyers said Barazarte's actions were completely unexpected, and consider it a criminal attack.
Last night, in an exclusive interview with Univision (New York), Franklin Barazarte surfaced from hiding to respond to allegations of attempted murder. He referred to his act of pouring flaming liquid on someone as "a blessing" which was something he'd done for a "long time in private." While he casually admits it was an "accident gone wrong," Mr. Barazarte goes on at length to explain how he feels hurt by all the "propaganda" surrounding this case, and the insinuation that he's even considered a criminal. Barazarte also discounts the gravity of Houchin's injuries by mentioning that Houchin "left the clinic the same day."
Meanwhile,  Houchin is still in the Dominican Republic and recuperating slowly. Riddled with 1st and 2nd degree burns on his head, face, ears, neck and right hand, he hopes to return home to Chico, California soon.
An Iphone clip, taken by a member of the group of magicians Houchin worked with has gone viral on the Internet. It clearly shows Barazarte intentionally setting the American magician ablaze. The later part of the clip shows Houchin in shock on the ground, paralyzed with pain.
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Univision coverage of the 12.5.2012 Press Conference:

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Reminder: Donations can be made to assist Wayne through either Paul Harris' Matical Arts Fund or through the Acacdamy of Magical Arts. 

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