11 March 2014

Toronto: Best Magician Contest 2014

From Arthur Poon:
Hello to all Magic Lovers, the moment is finally here.

In the evening of April 26th , 2014, “[A1] Chinese Radio” is giving out opportunities to the magic lovers in Toronto! Bringing along with own incredible skills, the candidates will enter into an exciting competition held on a magical platform in Market Village.

Same as the previous years, this magic contest will gather all of professionals and entertainers within the magic scope and the qualified contestants will compete among themselves. After all, they are going to the same stage to compete for the fame of Top Magician in Toronto. It is absolutely an extraordinary experience to give yourself a chance to present your talent.

Date: April 26, 2014 (Saturday)

Time: TBA

Contestant: All Ages, All Genders (The show will be hosted in Cantonese. However, English and other language speakers are welcomed.)

Performance: Stage Magic or Close-Up Magic. For stage magic, it does not have to be “big stage illusion; any magic that can be performed on stage is fine, such as producing a rabbit from an empty hat etc.)

Venue: Market Village (Steeles & Kennedy)

Audition: We will start with YOUTUBE audition right away. From now till March 22nd, all participants only need to submit a roughly 2-minute video to: starz@classicforce.com. All videos should be titled as “Best Magician Contest 2014 1st Audition: XXXXXX (the title of your performance)”. (P.S. Video editing is permitted; HOWEVER, no editing on the MAGIC PERFORMANCE. Two minutes are including the effect AND all of the editing.)

• By submitting your video before March 16th, 2014, the entry fee will be automatically waived. Any video(s) submitted after March 16th, 2014, a $20 entry fee will be applied.
• When submitting the video, please provide us your name and contact, so we can contact you.
• ONE video entry per contestant.

The winner of the competition will be receiving the following:

a. “Best Magician 2014” trophy,

b. Your chance to perform live at CNE on July 1st, 2014 Canada Day.

c. Gift(s) from our main sponsor(s).

Look forward meeting you guys, See you all at there!!

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