31 March 2015

Thirty seconds with Chris Mayhew

This is the eleventh in a series of "Thirty seconds with ..." interviews, so called because I approached the interviewees at Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Arts Camp last summer with the idea that I would interview them for 30 seconds. It didn't always work that way.

Professional magician Chris Mayhew, originally from Calgary but now living in Toronto thinks that Canada is a friendly place to be.  He first came to Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp in 2013 with the task of creating the official camp video.  He did such a great job, that he was back in 2014 as official camp videographer.

Chris prefers Oreos to store-bought chocolate chip cookies, but would take homemade chocolate chip cookies over Oreos any day!

Chris considers himself to be shy.
Chris' first memory of magic is as a young teenager of 13, seeing the sign at the Vanishing Rabbit Magic shop in Calgary.  It's not surprising that when he thinks about Sorcerers Safari, he thinks of magic!  Chris encourages performers to take the time to make routines their own, and wishes that there weren't so many people out there spreading bad magic.  His advice to aspiring magicians:  "Learn what you can and make it work for you.  Be sure to add yourself."

When not thinking about magic, Chris is likely thinking about videography.

Chris contributes to Five Academy Magic, has a solo lecture / show "MAYhew, MAYhem" and is also part of a comedy duo show "Sketchy Magic" with Chris Westfall.  You can catch Sketchy Magic every Tuesday in April.

From Chris Westfall's Facebook page:
The best way to love is to laugh together. It's not a magic show, it's a #sketchymagic experience. Save a date. April 7,14,21 or 28! An amazing deal from feb 1st-14th. Stay posted for info #saveadate
Posted by Chris Westfall on Thursday, 29 January 2015

Visit Chris' website at: ChrisMayhewMagic.com .

From the Fireside Productions Facebook page:
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Posted by Fireside Productions on Wednesday, 3 September 2014

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