24 March 2015

Thirty seconds with Chris Pilsworth

This is the tenth in a series of "Thirty seconds with ..." interviews, so called because I approached the interviewees at Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Arts Camp last summer with the idea that I would interview them for 30 seconds. It didn't always work that way.

Professional magician, Chris Pilsworth is from Ottawa, Ontario.  Magic Mike Segal, Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp founder, put the magic camp bug in Chris' ear some time ago.  Finally Chris' curiosity got the better of him.  He loves the positive atmosphere of camp and that it's not too intensive (it includes playtime!).  He thinks it's especially great that the kids get to rub shoulders with high quality performers. He has attended Sorcerers Safari for four years.

Chris prefers chocolate chip cookies to Oreos.

Chris is really happy that magic found him and / or he found magic!
Chris' first memory of magic involves his brother and magic books from the library.  Chris is fascinated to see the evolution of magic.  When asked his thoughts on the current state of magic he replied, "The world is changing and magic is changing.  Magic's been around for a long time and will continue to be."
When asked about advice for aspiring magicians, Chris replied, "Enjoy the process.  Be curious about becoming better.  Be original.  Try your best to express who you are through the medium of magic – don't be a direct copy."

When not immersed in magic, Chris enjoys reading, movies, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee.

Visit Chris' website at borntoamaze.com .

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