05 December 2015

Darcy Oake's TV special

From Clive Court's Facebook page: [editor's note: emphasis mine]
CBC-TV have scheduled Darcy Oake's ITV special Edge of Reality for 9pm. on December 10. Thanks to everyone who pitched the TV network bosses last year---we have a TV magic special starring a Canadian illusionist (Is the the first since Doug Henning in the mid-70s?)*. Now the important thing is to do whatever we can to get it big ratings (you can't rely on the CBC to do a good promotional job for a magic special because they do not like magic or magicians on TV). So Canadian magicians have to make the most of this opportunity. So my advice to Canadian magicians is contact your friends in print and radio (eg. CBC morning/afternoon radio shows) to do what you can to promote the show. If it gets a poor ratings---they will have the best excuse not to run another TV magic special. This is your chance to make a difference.

* I'm talking about the CBC-TV English Network (The French TV Network enjoys working with Canadian entertainers including magicians like Luc Langevin)

Darcy Oake in the news:

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