07 December 2015

Toronto: "Dark Holiday Magic and Mentalism"

From the Revival Bar:
Happy Holidays?

Familiar holiday customs often incorporate earlier pagan traditions that have been appropriated for modern use.

Customs that encourage little children to be good, so as to deserve their Christmas gifts from Father Christmas, often come with a dark side: the punishment you’ll receive from a monster or evil being of some sort if you aren’t good!

Dec 27th Join Mysterion for an evening exploring characters such as Krampus, Hans Trapp, Jolakotturinn, and other Christmas creatures that snatch away children who have been bad all year. A full show of supernatural effects that will leave you wishing you’ve been extra good this year.

Special Guests include Magician James Alan of Toronto’s weekly magic showcase Magic tonight and The Coney Island Corndogs Tricksie and Lucky.

Be good, you’ve been warned.

(This is a magic show and themed to Pagan and European holidays customs that may offend some beliefs).

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