23 March 2018

Program highlighting Luc Langevin's 10-year career

From the March 9th article "Luc Langevin célèbre ses 10 ans de carrière" on Lien Multimedia as translated by Google:
A special show on Ici Radio-Canada Télé

Luc Langevin's journey in 10 years is phenomenal. Thanks to his hard work, his innovative vision, his charisma, his simplicity and his personal signature, he has become THE reference in magic in Quebec. Luke has set new standards in magic in the dusty and making it more accessible. This new special issue, which chronicles the milestones of the last ten years of Luc Langevin's career, is a magic fire that once again fascinates and entertains. The public will see in particular Luke in rehearsal behind the scenes of his new show as well as unpublished images of his performances on French television.

A special show will be presented on Ici Radio-Canada Télé, Thursday, May 3 at 20h, Sunday, March 25 22h50 and on ICI ARTV Monday, April 16 9pm.

Read more. En français.

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