29 December 2019

2019 Readers' Choice award results

Thank you all for participating in the spirit in which the awards were intended:
a fun way to recognize and celebrate all of the wonderful things being done by the fabulous talent in our country.

Over 500 votes were cast in this "bragging rights" only contest.  You all have a lot of devoted fans!

Here are the results of our fourth annual "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!

Beacons of Inspiration (in alphabetical order by surname)

2019 Beacon of Inspiration: Gwyn Auger

Gwyn Auger (aka The Magic Assistant)

Nominated by Aaron.
"I would like to nominate Gwyn Auger the Magic Assistant. Gwyn’s endless enthusiasm and passion for magic and the magic community is an inspiration, whether it is helping support young local magicians in Calgary, promoting the value of the assistant in the industry and her eagerness to help others at conventions or shows at the drop of a hat. Gwyn is one of the most professional, kindest, freelance magician assistants in the business who also recently branched out to perform her own act as part of the Celebrities of Magic in Bakersfield, CA. This year Gwyn was also the first assistant to perform at the new Magic Castle Cabaret in Santa Barbara, CA with Lance Burton."

"Gwyn is truly an amazing ambassador for the business!"

Website: Gwyn Auger

Comments from Gwyn's fans include:
Gwyn totally deserves this she has been instrumental in the Calgary magic community as well as many larger circles globally.
- Talented and skilled people, one and all, but only Gwyn has the magic presence that makes those around her shine.

Voters' musical tastes include:  Frank Loesser / Hoagy Carmichael, Queen, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

2019 Beacon of Inspiration: James Harrison

James Harrison (aka Pickpocket James)
Nominated by Unknown, Amy Thibodeau, Missa Deadlove, Rex P., Mike Weiland, Anonymouos, and Unknown.  The quote below is from Unknown.

"James Harrison. He's the pickpocketing MASTER, he's got a YouTube video that is going viral like crazy right now with 2 million views and counting and he works like crazy, at home and internationally. So all of that is amazing, but here's why I think James REALLY deserves a nomination: He's the kindest, most giving magician I've met in years. When he's not on stage, he's off stage sharing his knowledge to apply what he's learned in the trenches to help others. So in short, I think James is inspirational because he covers both bases. He's one hell of a performer with incredible original creations and he's one hell of a good person to go with it."

Editor's note:

Website: PickpocketMagic.com

Comments from James' fans include:
Stole my watch while I 'watched' and I still missed it...AMAZING.
- I've seen him perform multiple times and can't tell you how great he is! Charismatic, talented and just a decent guy. Good for any event.

Voters' musical tastes include:  Bach, Peter Gabriel, and Green Day.

2019 Beacon of Inspiration: Carisa Hendrix

Carisa Hendrix (aka Lucy Darling)
Nominated by Lukas Stark.
"I would like to nominate Carisa Hendrix not only is her public work charming and incredible, her success in a primarily male dominated industry (and world), and her humble Canadian beginnings, but her penguin lecture is the best 5 hours I've spent thinking about my magic for years and the best work I've ever heard about bringing character to your magic."

Editor's note:

Website: CarisaHendrix

Comments from Carisa's fans include:
Phenomenal entertainer and lecturer. Goes out of her way to give of herself to anyone who asks.

Voters' musical tastes include:  Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, and Elton John.

2019 Beacon of Inspiration: Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce
Nominated by Anonymous.
"Ryan Joyce for creating Canada's most unique magic festival. The OWOW Magic Festival brought more than a dozen of the top magicians to the most magical place in Canada - Fergus, ON to perform for the public this past Halloween. For magicians, Ryan has created a fun-space where they can gather and further their own careers - Wondertown - which includes Magicians Masterclass and the new podcast Magicians Talking Magic. We should all be so dedicated in furthering the art and the perception of our art."

Editor's note:
Website: RyanJoyce.com

Comments from Ryan's fans include:
His work and efforts speak volumes and he is all about bringing the magic community together.

Voters' musical tastes include:  The Beatles, Pitbull, and Ed Sheeran.

2019 Beacon of Inspiration: 
Ken McCreedy

Ken McCreedy
Nominated by Jason Maiuri.
"Ken McCreedy for his vast knowledge of Canadian magic as well as being a mentor to so many great acts."

Editor's note:
  • Ken has an extensive knowledge of Canadian magic history and is very generous with sharing his knowledge! 

Website: KenMcCreedy.com

Comments from Ken's fans include:
Always entertaining and full of surprises.  He is a kind and patient teacher.  It is an Honour to be his assistant.

Musical tastes include:  Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel, and  Deep Purple.

2019 Beacon of Inspiration: The Sentimentalists

The Sentimentalists (Chris Mysterion and Steffi Kay)

Nominated by Ross.
"I always felt the Toronto fixtures known as "The Sentimentalists" would shine on a bigger international stage. Their numerous TV appearances this year solidified this. They are an inspiration as a fellow Toronto based Canadian performer. Especially Steffi being the first woman Mentalist to fool Penn and Teller."

Editor's note:
  • After being eliminated from America's Got Talent Season 14 during the Judge Cuts, they returned as the wildcard in the quarterfinals!

Website: TheSentimentalistsMagic.com

Comments from The Sentimentalists' fans include:
These two are AMAAAAAAAAAZING. Been in the business nearly half a century, at this point, and I've never seen a live mentalism act to top theirs. Just a stunning act. Stunning.

Voters' musical tastes include:  Steve Miller, Queen, and Harry S. Miller.

2019 Beacon of Inspiration: 
Anastasia Synn

Anastasia Synn (aka Sia Synn)
Nominated by Krystal Lawrence.
"She's a freakin cyborg pioneering a new brand of magic! It's been getting worldwide attention, she's been on international news with her crazy implants."

Edtitor's note:
Website: Synnister.com

Anastasia's fans were people of few words.

Musical tastes include:  Radiohead, Crystal Eyes, and Rag'n'Bone Man.

Editor's Choice

2019 Editor's Choice: Ted and Marion Outerbridge
Ted and Marion Outerbridge

Nominated by Unknown.
"I would like to nominate Ted & Marion Outerbridge as being truly inspirational entertainers in the world of magic. What you see on the stage is exactly what you get off the stage. They are soft spoken, humble and sincere - but extremely passionate and talented in everything they do. From costuming to scripting, choreography and illusion, they do it all!"

Editor's note:
Website: TedOuterbridge.com

The Outerbridge's fans were also people of few words.

Voters' musical tastes include:  Smash Mouth, Brockhampton, and Frank Sinatra.

Readers' Choice

2019 Winner: Mike Norden

Mike Norden
Nominated by Anonymous.

Congratulations to Mike for winning the 2019 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!

Keep up the great work!

Website: MagicShows.ca

Mike's fans were most likely to not follow instructions, and also most likely to get the date wrong.

Musical tastes include:  A wide assortment of Christmas music.

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