01 May 2020

New video project for Canadian magicians

From Brent and Sarah Nicholls:
I hope you’re doing well despite everything that’s going on. 
I’m working on an idea to make a music video that is a compilation of Canadian magicians. It would be something like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GElP4YdrBE ,
but instead of having you sing I would simply need you to perform a magic effect for the camera. 
My intention is simply to create a fun video that showcases Canadian magicians during this strange time where we can’t showcase ourselves properly. I may also add a Facebook tip jar that has all proceeds going to something like Canadian Food Bank. 
1. You must be a Canadian
2. You need to be a “working pro” (full time magician)
3. You must submit the clip before May 8th at noon
4. The clip must be no longer than 5 seconds (unfortunately longer videos will not be included)
5. You must include your stage name and city where you live in the body of your email
All you would need to do is upload the clip to your YouTube channel (you can make it “Unlisted" if you don’t want anyone else to see it) and then email me the link at magic@brentandsarah.com before the deadline. 
The better your clip looks (lighting etc) the more likely it will feature prominently in the video (if you don’t have great lighting in your home consider shooting outside in natural light). Please know that music will be played over the video so audio is not necessary. The magic you perform can be serious, funny, kid-friendly etc.. or if you’d rather just smile and wave that’s fine too. Please ensure your clip is shot in HD.
That’s OK, but please feel free to pass this along to any magicians you know who might be. My magician database isn’t the biggest so I would appreciate you sharing since I don’t want to leave anyone out! 
I hope you’re staying safe and sane during this crazy time 🙂
Brent Nicholls
(Brent and Sarah)

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