10 May 2020

Remembering Roy Horn

The ABC show 20/20 aired an informative documentary "Siegfried and Roy: Behind the Magic" last fall.  Clips can be found on the ABC YouTube channel:

From Greg Frewin:
... the magic community has lost one of the greatest. Roy was not only one of the best showman in our industry and one of the most dynamic energies to have ever been onstage, but he was also a very kind man to all of gods creatures. His work with his animals, the connection he had and the love he gave all of them has always been an inspiration for me. Very few people can have the spirit that he did. Roy is no longer with us but his spirit will always remain as powerful as the day I first met him.
God Bless you Roy for making millions of people and animals lives better with your presence. You will be missed....❤

From Matt DiSero:
Before there was David Copperfield or even Doug Henning, there was Siegfried & Roy. They didn't just shape magic but Las Vegas itself. Not many magicians of my generation or older who didn't make the pilgrimage to Vegas to see their show. You'd hear things like "what? a DRAGON picks up one of them and impales...what? how..?nooo". It was like that. They made magic a spectacle and a draw to Las Vegas. We owe them a debt of gratitude for doing the work.

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