18 January 2021

Shawn Farquhar: Upcoming Hidden Wonders and Deckin' Around

ICYMI Shawn was interviewed by Tyler on episode 48 of Deckin' Around.


From Shawn Farquhar's January 14th Facebook post:

We really had a blast doing the show virtually in December and the Cabaret of Wonders in early January was well received, so we're doing it again! 

On Saturday January 30th we will offer two shows in a single day. You can catch one or both, lol. The first will be at 4PM PT, which is 7PM for those folks on the East Coast, and the second at 7PM PT, which might be a little late for those early to bed people in New York!  I thought, New York was the city that never slept?  

This is an an interactive event that starts with a virtual tour of the venue, our signature choose your own adventure style show, and ends with a Q&A with your truly.







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