12 January 2021

The Magic Circle Unlocked: Celebrating 100 years of sawing in half

From the January 10th article "Split in two: magicians to celebrate 100 years of sawing people in half -- London based Magic Circle’s event, streamed on Facebook, will feature David Copperfield, Debbie McGee and more" by Mark Brown in The Guardian:

The US magician David Copperfield will show viewers round his magic museum in Las Vegas and talk about his interpretation, using a huge “death saw” which cut through him after he failed to escape the table.

Naomi Paxton, an academic and performer and the Circle’s equality and diversity officer, will explore the illusion’s links to suffrage and reveal how Selbit audaciously invited the militant suffragette Christabel Pankhurst to become part of his act by being the woman sawn in two.

It came after Pankhurst had advertised her services in a newspaper for “remunerative, non-political work” and while it was entrepreneurial of Selbit to offer, it was also “hugely disrespectful,” said Paxton. Unsurprisingly, she said no.

The evening will also see Debbie McGee, the partner of the late Paul Daniels on stage and in life, recounting her experiences of being regularly dismembered. “Debbie has been sliced, diced, cremated, crushed, divided and decapitated more than most so has a great story to tell,” said Britten.

Details of how to watch the Facebook streamed event will be on the Magic Circle Unlocked Facebook page.

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If you attended The Magic Circle Unlocked Facebook live event on November 15, 2020, you'll know that they put on a fabulous show with a multitude of international guests.  That event boasted Noel Britten, David Berglas, Jeff McBride, Nick Einhorn, Laura London, David Williamson, Charlie Frye, Marvin Berglas, Brian Conley, Michael Ammar, Jake Allen, Greg Wilson, Sooty (& Richard Cadell), Andy Nyman, Careena Fenton, Adrian Lacroix, Megan Swann, Russ Stevens, Richard Jones, Doc Eason, and Wayne Dobson.

This one looks like it's going to be just as amazing!






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