15 February 2022

Remembering Ivan Reitman

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Ivan Reitman passed away on Saturday, February 12, 2022.  

You may know that the Toronto-raised filmmaker directed blockbusters such as Ghostbusters and Meatballs.  

We were reminded by Peter Mennie that Ivan was friends with Doug Henning.  From Neil McNally at The Doug Henning Project: "It was said that Ivan fronted him (Doug) the money to purchase the props to create his stage show which became known as Spellbound."

Ivan went on to produce and direct Spellbound at Toronto's Royal Alexandra Theatre.  (Neil has uploaded an image of the Spellbound pamphlet.)  In addition Ivan co-produced Doug's The Magic Show on Broadway.

Our sincere condolences to Ivan's family and friends.

From the February 14th Facebook post by Peter Mennie:

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